A recent die off of starfish on the West Coast has scientists and oceanographers baffled; the likely bacterial or viral infection is now known as “sea star wasting syndrome”, and causes rapid disintegration and lesions in sea star populations.

Thanks to Terry Lilley, marine biologist, for the informative update on his experience with West Coast sea stars and the beautiful photos:

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Hi Ocean Lovers over there in California and here in Hawaii,

The west coast starfish die off that was on CNN news a few days ago is very disturbing. I did a 7 year, 1000 scuba dive study and movie along the Central Coast of CA and documented tens of thousands of healthy starfish of many different species. The starfish keep the reef healthy and in balance. One should find a starfish every few yards on the reef as they clean the reefs of dead material and they also eat sea urchins when their populations get to high. 

Just like in the Kauai coral die off we need more underwater studies due to the changing seas. We need extensive DNA done, marine toxin studies, bacteriological studies, surveys and radiation studies to find out what is killing the starfish in CA and corals in Kauai. Good science will give us the answers so we can fix the problem!!
My job is to show everyone how beautiful our sea creatures are so the public will want to save them! 
Here are some starfish pics out of my HD movie “Central Coast Kelp Forest” There are bat stars, including an albino, a pair breeding and one eating a sea urchin, plus giant spined starfish, blood starfish, rainbow starfish, and leather starfish. All of these starfish I took video of on one small reef near Morro Bay CA. Enjoy their beautiful colors while you can.
Aloha, Terry 
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