Thank you to the sea star heroes at Children’s Community school for their contribution to the health of these important ocean animals! Recently, out of the blue, the DotGreen Foundation received a donation in the mail – $56.91 from elementary school students, generously donated from their allowances. The class of budding environmentalists had decided to

Coming Together Around the World By Annalisa Roger, Founder & Director   The Olympic Games is an event which captures the hearts and interests of the global community. During the Olympics, people from different countries and cultures share a desire to do their best. Most of us are not actually competing, yet we witness the

Thursday, January 30, the world premiere of an inspiring film, “Mission Blue” by Robert Nixon and Fisher Stevens was attended by members of the DotGreen Foundation Board of Directors at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The environmental documentary features Dr. Sylvia Earle and her life’s work spreading her long studied understanding about the state

A recent die off of starfish on the West Coast has scientists and oceanographers baffled; the likely bacterial or viral infection is now known as “sea star wasting syndrome”, and causes rapid disintegration and lesions in sea star populations. Thanks to Terry Lilley, marine biologist, for the informative update on his experience with West Coast

There is an easy new way for you to support the DotGreen Foundation! We were just approved as a valued non-profit partner in the eScrip program. This US-wide initiative allows a portion of your purchase amount at participating merchants to go toward the non-profit DotGreen Foundation each time you shop! The participating merchants vary by

The DotGreen Foundation spent a motivating sustainability weekend at the San Francisco Green Festival, as the Social Media Partner, promoting the event and the people who convene for a common goal of greener living! Nearly 400 exhibitors were there at the Concourse Exhibition Center, sharing their business and organization missions, and offering their sustainable solutions

This weekend, November 9 and 10, the DotGreen Foundation is heading to San Francisco Green Festival! The two-day festival has been a top event for the sustainability community since it began in 2002. We’ve been attending the conference for several years in cities around the US, and we always gain insight and energy from the

The July 2013 issue of the SLO Coast Journal details some of the important issues facing coastal coral populations in both Hanalei Bay, Hawaii and San Louis Bay, California. Full article available here. Introduction Hanalei Bay, Hawaii and San Luis Bay, California are popular tourist destinations thousands of miles apart across the Pacific Ocean from

Listen to a recording of the October 14, 2013 Hawaii’s Tomorrow broadcast below: The DotGreen Foundation will be on the air Monday, October 14 discussing the importance of our global oceans and coral reefs. Radio personality Jeff Davis and his guest Marine Biologist Terry Lilley have invited Annalisa Roger to share some of DotGreen Foundation’s

The DotGreen Foundation is working with Ocean Voyages Institute and San Francisco Bay ISOC to help launch the next successful expedition of the Kaisei vessel to the Pacific Gyre, in Spring of 2014. Marine debris in the North Pacific Gyre and global ocean, composed primarily of long lasting plastics, impacts marine life and ecosystems all over the