Thank you to the sea star heroes at Children’s Community school for their contribution to the health of these important ocean animals! Recently, out of the blue, the DotGreen Foundation received a donation in the mail – $56.91 from elementary school students, generously donated from their allowances. The class of budding environmentalists had decided to make a contribution to help combat the sea star wasting disease affecting California’s coastal sea star population.

It’s heartwarming and encouraging to see the younger generation understand the imperative of protecting our planet, species and ecosystems. It’s everyone’s job to help foster the curiosity, compassion, and empowerment young people naturally have for their environment.

The class was responding to frightening news about a new disease affecting starfish on the coast of northern California – the disease progression occurs rapidly, causing starfish to develop infected lesions, and lose limbs and begin disintegrating within days. Read more here:

Harry Rabin, ocean videographer and DotGreen Foundation advisor, put us in touch with Carol Anne Blanchette, an Associate Research Biologist at the Marine Science institute, UC Santa Barbara leading a team investigating the sea star epidemic.

Her team has been mapping the coastal locations outbreak, attempting to determine the cause. They have been swabbing both healthy and diseased stars to grow out on different media – Carol reported seeing a lot of bacteria growth, but her research team still has a long way to go before they can determine the causes of disease.

Contributions – large and small – and advocacy about this rapidly spreading disease are an important part of addressing the health of our sea stars and our world. This month, we’re collecting more donations from schools and individuals that will go to additional research and education in this area.

The two young ladies showed leadership and infectious compassion spearheading the fundraising effort in their classroom. They raised $56.91, which led to their teacher’s $10 addition, and their mother’s $100 contribution. DotGreen Foundation matched every dollar, for a total donation of $350 to the research and monitoring of sea stars at the Marine Science Institute at UC Santa Barbara!

To help address the sea star epidemic, donate here.