Kauai Coral


DotGreen Foundation is offering assistance to scientists researching the disease affecting coral populations off the north coast of Kauai. Coral forms a keystone part of ocean ecosystems, and scientists and ocean health organizations are working quickly to discover causes in order to mitigate damage from a likely cyanobacterial infection.

Latest studies documenting coral disease:

DIAGNOSTIC CASE REPORT, Coral: Montipora capitata, Dr. Thierry Work (pdf)

Disease dynamics of Montipora white syndrome within Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii: distribution, seasonality, virulence, and transmissibility (pdf)

USGS Report: Coral Disease Outbreak in Hawaii


The DotGreen Foundation is working with local community members to raise money to establish and support a comprehensive plan of water testing, scientific research, community and government dialogue, education, global and online awareness, and action.

Terry Lilley’s discovery of the disease in 2011 was confirmed by Dr. Greta Aeby at University of Hawaii. For the past two years, Dr. Thierry Work from the Infectious Disease Department of the USGS, Dr. Greta Aeby, and Dr. Bernardo Angel from NOAA have been in Kauai studying this disease. The scientists have done extensive DNA and histology testing on this bacteria and Lilley is tracking its spreading at over 60 locations weekly. Attached is a report from the USGS and you can see a short video about the disaster at

Allocation of Funding:

DotGreen Foundation is securing funding to secure more divers in the water documenting the extent of this disease and for detailed chemical testing by a major environmental testing lab.

We support underwater photo and video documentation, education and awareness activities. Detailed videos of the Hawaiian Islands will be provided to the public, and DotGreen Foundation will promote all information online to a global community.

Water and soil test results will be made available to scientists for analysis. Photos and video footage will be available online to encourage the people of Kauai to protect and learn about their reefs. The Kauai Coral Project will be shared worldwide to help other communities understand and care for their coral reefs. Regular reports, pictures, videos and will be posted online and promoted while test results will be maintained and made available to scientists to track the disease and for establishing a methodology for treatment.  DotGreen will continue to fundraise and support the Kauai Coral Project throughout 2014.


photo by Terry Lilley